Styling Tips

It takes a little forethought for your upcoming headshot session.  Whether it be corporate headshots, or actor headshots, what you choose to bring with you is important.  Equally important is proper care for your skin, hair and lips.  Below are some helpful guidelines to point you in the right direction.


Business Headshots for Men

When preparing for your business headshot, choose your garments carefully.  My goal is to keep the focus on you, not on your clothing.  Ill fitting clothing or bright shirts and wild ties will distract the eye from you - the subject.  Choose well-pressed clean, and current suit jackets,  crisp shirts free from stains and saggy collars and ties that compliment the jackets and shirts.  Ties may have patterns and should be in today's current style for a fresh modern look.  Your shirts should fit exceptionally without pulling at the buttons or sagging across the chest.  We will work together to choose the right combinations of the 3 items.  Need to brush up on your tie tying skills?  Check out the video which shows the 4 most popular knots.  Don't forget the ever important dimple, which is not shown in this particular video.  Throw in some casual items as well if you want to end your session with a relaxed look for social media headshot use.  Find the casual/actor tips below.


Business Headshots for Women

When preparing for your business headshot session, always start with the basics and build from there.  Tanks are great to wear as your base layer and make changing in the studio effortless.  Pack a white, gray and black fitted top, long sleeved preferably.  Jacket, sweaters, turtlenecks are all great options for women.  Your headshot is about you, not what you are wearing so keep patterns and bright colors to a minimum.  Bring items that can be layered for easy options.  Clothing should be clean, and neatly pressed.  Jewelry should be minimal or non existent.  I'm a huge jewelry lover, however we are limiting distractions in our clothing so we don't want to add it back with bling.  Studs are ideal if you decide to wear earrings.  Necklaces generally do not work in headshots.  I'm happy to shoot both with and without if you insist on your jewelry.

Actors and Casual Style Headshots

You've decided on a casual headshot session or you've decided to end your corporate headshot session with an everyday look for your social media profiles.  The same base rules apply for this type of headshot.  Solid, neutral clothing always works best.  White, black and gray should come with you as your first selections.  Then add color based on if your skin tone is warm, cool or neutral. Pack colors that compliment your skin tone, not compete with it.  T-shirts, tanks, henleys, turtlenecks, leather jackets, jean jackets, even hoodies can all be fun options for your casual or actor headshot session. Layering items add to the fun and simplicity of your photoshoot. 

Personal Grooming Tips

Finding the right photographer is the hardest part.  The rest is icing on the cake.  Speaking of icing, I don't recommend makeup for men for a headshot session.  Powder is acceptable if you have oily skin or pick up a tube of Peter Thomas Roth Max Anti shine Matifying Gel, which is a miracle worker on oily skin.  Make sure you have moisturized skin and your lips are free from chapping.  Bring lip balm with you the day of your shoot.  For both men and women, avoid using moisturizer with SPF as it can make your skin look shinier with the studio lights.  Women, your makeup should be clean and fresh.  No need to overdue it for your headshot session.  Avoid strong, hard eyeliner lines, and brows that are heavily penciled in or squared off with liner or even stamps.  Simply filling in bare areas is sufficient as well as cleaning up any stray hairs.  Women, bring lip gloss, balm or color.  When wearing color, it should compliment your skin tone, not take all the focus away from your other features.  Make sure the color stays within the outline of your lips.  Your foundation on your face needs to match your neck.  Bring everything with you for touch ups as we go along.

Hair should be clean and not recently cut.  Hair needs a week or so to settle in to a haircut.  I've had many cancellations due to haircuts that didn't go as planned or ended up shorter than intended.  Please bring your brush, hairspray, bobby pins and even a ponytail holder.  If you straighten or curl your hair, consider bringing those tools with you as well in case you need to make adjustments.

Men, to help eliminate razor burn and irritation, use a new blade for shaving and moisten your face with hot water to prep the skin before using a quality shave cream.  Don't forget to rinse with cool water and pat dry and apply a good moisturizer.   Do you want photos with facial hair and without?  Schedule enough time and you can shave at the studio in between looks.  

If you wear glasses and have more than one pair, bring them all with you.  Different glasses will sit on your face differently and lenses react to the light differently as well.  Lenses with the anti glare coating is preferred.