My goal, as your Headshot Photographer, isn’t simply to take a pretty picture. My goal is to enable you to present yourself to your clients, potential clients, employer, dream employer, casting directors, talent scouts and even your mother the way you want to be seen. I specialize in headshots and study the human face and how it responds to stimuli.

Let’s dissect the photo below. Confidence is shown in our eyes. It is key in landing jobs and attracting people to you. People trust confident people. Confidence shows leadership qualities, decisiveness, and even fearlessness.

Approachability comes from our mouth. Strong confident eyes without an approachable mouth isn’t inviting. It appears stern, irritated and even angry. It doesn’t have to mean a big toothy smile though. We will work together to find the perfect combination of confidence and approachability that leaves you feeling, well…confident!

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she knows how to coach elicit the best images for your professional headshots
— Abi