LinkedIn Headshot

LinkedIn has over 500 million members and that number continues to climb daily. Nearly half of those members visit the site on a daily basis. This is the social media mecca for business minded people. No scrolling past wedding photos or momma’s recipes. This is the stomping ground where decision makers and influencers spend their time. The country’s top executives from Fortune 500 companies looking at your profile photo day in and day out. Or are they? Is it something that draws attention or is it simply white noise in our digital age? Your profile photo holds more importance than you think it does. It is the first connection, or maybe the only connection that these decision makers and influencers will have with you.

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Your profile photo should be well lit and close in on your face. Choose your outfit to enhance rather than distract from you. Take time to add a banner on your profile.

Keep your personal branding in mind. Who is your targeted audience and what message do you want to get across to them? Provide information on your profile. What do you do? Where do you do it? If you have a website, link the url. Simple steps that can be done in minutes, will elevate your LinkedIn presence and get you noticed rather than skipped over.


Who Are you targeting?

Think of LinkedIn as the biggest online presentation you will ever make. I’ve never been in front of 500 million people in my life, and yet every day on LinkedIn, we have the opportunity to be in front of a good 100 million active users. Chances are, making connections that will benefit you in the long run will be easier if your profile photo shows credibility. You may be losing opportunities with your not so flattering headshot. It’s so easy to just scroll things that don’t grab your attention. Are you being shuffled past or sought after? Save your casual photos for Facebook or Snapchat. LinkedIn isn’t the place for them if you are at all serious about your profession. People you are targeting will be more likely to connect with you, read your articles and posts and engage in conversation when you present yourself professionally and confidently.

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so what now?

You’ve made it this far weeding through images and information. I’d love to get you in my studio and see you cranking with LinkedIn. Your headshot can be used across the board as well. On business cards, email signatures, FB, instagram, heck print it and frame it for your momma! I’ve got you covered.

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