Cincinnati Headshot Photographer

Welcome! I’m so glad you have found your way to my website. Maybe you are looking to strengthen your online presence, grow your personal brand, replace an unflattering profile photo, or set yourself apart with a strong business headshot. Perhaps you have seen my Before and After series on LinkedIn and you are ready to invest in yourself or your company and want to change how you are viewed by clients, peers, and leaders. You’ve landed in the right place!

Today’s digital age is a unique one. While there are still opportunities for face to face interactions, a lot of our day to day operations are done online. Your profile photo is often the first opportunity others will have to see you. According to experts, it takes less than 1 second for someone to form an opinion of you based on your photo? What does your current headshot say about you? What do you want it to say? A lot of people never even think about that. They simply use a snapshot, selfie or go to a photographer who talks about cheese and end up with a mediocre photo that doesn’t do them any favors.

I am an Expression Coach and I specialize in headshot photography. What does that mean, exactly? It means you won’t be placed in front of my lens and told to smile. I will coach you into genuine expressions that show you as a relaxed, confident and trustworthy individual. I Your jawline will look strong and sleek, your eyes will be engaged and focused on your viewer, your posture flattering and your styling on point. A premium headshot will give you credibility in a sea of other faces. Whether you need a professional headshot for LinkedIn, a business headshot, corporate headshots or even actor headshots, you need a professional headshot photographer that specializes in making a great first impression.