You’ve invested in yourself so we start with styling to make sure it’s on point for your session. Choosing the right combination of looks is key. I will make sure your collar is not sagging, your shirt is smoothed out and everything is in check. A quick hair and makeup scan and then it’s time to step in front of the beauty lights. Do you have a “favorite” side of your face? That will be determined during this phase as well.


This is when the magic starts. I have years of training and some tricks up my sleeve to give you a more chiseled jaw line and a slimmer shoulder profile. I will get your eyes, mouth and brows working together to create a look of confidence, approachability and credibility. I shoot tethered to my computer so you can see the images on a 27” screen in real time rather than wondering how things are going.


The selecting of images happens during the entire session. We will take breaks during shooting and save our favorites in a special folder for viewing at the end. This process makes deciding on “the keepers” quick and painless. If yours is an Express Session, you will make your final decision before you leave. Portfolio and Branding Sessions will receive an online gallery for gathering the input of friends and family.


I personally retouch my client’s images to ensure the outcome is exactly what we want. Blemish removal, stray hair fixes, and teeth whitening is always implemented. I will discuss any additional concerns you may want addressed in the retouching process. Your headshots will look fresh, clean and like your best self! You will receive both low resolution and high resolution downloads of your images.